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Looking for our charges?

We’re zooming in on how we continue to deliver value to investors through low-cost products across the AJ Bell Funds and MPS portfolios.

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Our AJ Bell Funds and MPS portfolios are getting more popular all the time. And as the assets under administration grow, so too do the economies of scale we can achieve. Rather than keep all those savings to ourselves, we pass them on to customers in the form of smaller charges.

That’s important, because costs can have a big impact on long-term investment returns. By working closely with providers to explore every potential saving, we hope to really benefit the customers we serve.

And because we have an unfettered product universe to explore, we can make sure our portfolios remain aligned with their intended investment objectives and strategies – without letting cost dictate positioning.

Tiny charges deserve a closer look. Examine the AJ Bell funds range now or reach out to our team of professionals to learn more.

0.31%* OCF. (Yes, you did read that right)

AJ Bell Funds

All the AJ Bell Fund range have a fixed OCF – so no matter what the underlying mix of holdings is, you always know what the cost of our funds will be.

As the cost of implementation has fallen over the years, we’ve even been able to reduce the cost cap for our Growth range from 0.5% at launch to just 0.31%*.

Put us under the microscope – download the AJ Bell Funds documents.

Shrinking costs can magnify returns. Put our MPS portfolios under the lens or ask our team to help examine them with you.

0.15%* AMC. (No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks)

Managed Portfolio Service

Active MPS

Funds across the active arena are generally coming up against fee pressure, but those with strong processes and performance track records can still justify them. The range has benefitted from several instances where our economies of scale have kicked in.

Passive MPS

The cost of passive products has fallen over the years as their popularity has grown, leading to a general decrease in OCFs. Thanks to some big improvements within Developed Market equities, these assets can now be implemented with an OCF from as low as 3bps (in the case of the US). Other asset classes are following suit, albeit at differing speeds.

Income and Responsible MPS

More specialist MPS ranges, such as Income and Responsible MPS, are also benefitting from a general reduction in fees across the industry, although the cost of implementing more specialised rulesets means they’re still more expensive for the time being.

All MPS portfolios benefitted from an OCF reduction when VAT was removed from the AMC in 2021.


Money Market MPS the portfolio with no AMC

Offering cash-like returns, our Money Market MPS helps you meet an even wider range of client needs with an OCF as little as 0.10%, and no annual management charge. Its average OCF of 0.10% comes simply from the cost of the underlying money market funds and ultra-short-dated bond funds within its portfolio.

Put us under the microscope – download the MPS documents.

AJ Bell Funds and MPS powered by AJ Bell Investments  

Our team has spent a combined total of over 100 years of investment experience with retail and institutional investors, as well as working for and alongside independent advice firms.

First-hand experience of building in-house fund management solutions and centralised investment propositions means the team doesn’t just understand investments; they understand your business too. This insight has guided their delivery of a wide range of options to suit your clients’ differing investment needs.

Focus on your clients’ needs

Our experts are here to explain all the ways our platform and investment options can benefit both your business and your clients.

*As at 18 April 2024.

The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and your client may not get back their original investment.

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